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Wordpress is an open source framework in PHP that is highly used to build blogs. Infact it is more than that, it offers so many plugins, widgets and themes that now you can even think beyond just a blog. Wordpress allows to add e-commerce to your website. It allows you to customise the behaviour as well for the website. With so many trusted plugins your website meets all the web standards

Websites powered by wordpress allows the site owner to control the themes without effecting the site architecture and data. Site owners can also activate and de-activate the features on the basis of their interest and requirements. It allows you to add videos, images and other media files to your web pages or you can easily link media from external sources with ease. This platform also keeps track of all the latest updates available and updations are done on just a click.

We offer the following in Wordpress

  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • CPT Development
  • E-Commerce Support

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